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Commercial Management and Leasing


There is a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail that goes into commercial management and leasing. The larger the property, the more of each is required. Commercial property management and leasing services can take over the effort, on your behalf, so that you can reap the rewards of your property ownership with minimal action daily. That means you enjoy the rewards without the same degree of hard work other property owners might need to invest.

An effective commercial management team can help with the many day-to-day tasks managing a commercial property requires so that you are free to focus your time and attention on other pursuits.

Services Commercial Management Teams Provide

Commercial property management is about more than collecting rent from month to month. It’s about building relationships, managing people, and projecting a specific image that tenants will want to be associated with their businesses. For this reason, it is always wise to seek the services of professional and experienced commercial property management teams to represent your interests. These are a few of the invaluable services Strategic Properties Group provides to our commercial property owners as part of our commercial property management services.

Relationship Building and Tenant Screening

Relationship building is a critical aspect of property management. It is necessary to create a relationship between the tenant businesses and their owners and the team that manages your commercial property. We can handle that with our hands-on approach to management which allows us to develop these relationships. From the initial screening process to ensure that tenants are poised for successful, long-term relationships and throughout the leasing process, our team is here to set the stage for successful relationships with your commercial tenants. Our mission is to ensure that you get paid and that your tenants get what they are paying for. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Turnover Transitions to Minimize Downtime

While it would be nice if all tenants stayed forever and turnovers were unnecessary, the fact remains, that they do occur. Our team understands this and works diligently to make the entire process as painless as possible for everyone involved. More importantly, we work to minimize downtime for each unit so that your property isn’t empty long. These are a few things we do to help minimize losses when it comes to property turnover.

  • Setting attractive prices in competitive markets.
  • Extensive pre-screening to attract clients poised for longevity.
  • Making repairs and updates quickly and efficiently so that properties can be turned over fast.
  • Identifying the appropriate demographic for your properties and building to suit the needs of your target audience.

These details might appear small at first glance. However, with the weight of our experience and knowledge of the Tampa area behind them, they can make a huge difference in your turnover rates and profit margin.

Compliance Management for Commercial Leasing Properties

Laws are constantly changing to ensure that properties can withstand the latest threats against them. From tropical needs to updating wiring to avoid potential fires and countless other hazards, our team stays up to date with the latest laws related to commercial property leasing, zoning, and building codes on your behalf. This ensures that you don’t fall behind the times and set yourself up for legal liability exposure or excessive financial risks should disaster strike.

Commercial Management Maintenance and Repair Needs

Maintenance and repairs are constant. Even in new buildings, there are things that can, and do, go wrong daily. Our team is here to help manage these small fires, so you don’t have to. From air conditioner repairs to leaking roofs and even elevator issues, we are here to sweat the details on your behalf.

There’s no doubt that you choose to purchase commercial real estate as an investment. Securing the services of an effective property management team, like Strategic Properties Group, is one step you can take to protect your investment and watch it grow in value over time. Our team of professionals is here to do the heavy lifting of commercial property management while you enjoy the benefits of commercial property ownership. 

Proper management goes a long way toward ensuring that your property is fully leased, your tenants are happy with their arrangements, and your bottom line continues to grow as your property value continues to increase over time. If you’re ready to seek out the potential rewards we have to offer, contact Strategic Properties Group today to learn about the many ways we can help with your commercial management needs.

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