Commercial Work Orders and Maintenance Repairs

Strategic Properties Group provides commercial work orders and maintenance repair services in the Tampa, FL area.

Commercial Work Orders and Maintenance Repairs

Commercial Work Orders and Maintenance Repairs

Investing in real estate can be a gamble, but certain steps can be taken to reduce risk while eliminating potential fallout. Whether you are looking to sell a property or rent out your building to potential tenants, you will want to have a firm grasp on commercial work orders and maintenance repairs, as well as the importance of property maintenance.

If you are based in Tampa, FL, or the surrounding areas, the team at Strategic Properties Group can help you make the most out of your investment through timely maintenance practices.

Importance of Commercial Work Orders and Maintenance Repairs

The best way to protect any investment is by ensuring that proper upkeep services are rendered. A small problem can quickly escalate into a much larger one if it is ignored. For that reason, it is incredibly important to keep qualified staff on hand to help with any potential commercial work orders and maintenance repairs.

When investing in a building, you are not just investing in your tenants – you need to give them a safe and comfortable space to live in. Property maintenance is a common sour note among renters and tenants alike, leaving both feeling like they got the short end of the stick. With qualified property maintenance teams on hand, your property will never go without. Work orders and maintenance repairs can be filed, acquired, and properly taken care of on a timely basis.

What Are Property Work Orders?

For any type of business to succeed, clear communication is essential. When you are managing a property with many different tenants, clear communication can quickly take a hit. This is where a work order can come into play.

Commercial work orders and maintenance repairs are simply written forms that include information regarding a task that must be accomplished, the date it should be accomplished, and any potentially important information. A work order can give details about parts that need to be replaced, past issues with certain appliances, and other such pieces of info.

There are a few different types of work orders to be made aware of, so let’s briefly look:

  • Corrective Maintenance: A Corrective Maintenance order includes the total restoration of an asset to operational or optimal conditions, depending on the order declaration. Maintenance work orders are commonly put in place for HVAC and other household utilities.
  • Condition-Based Maintenance: Utilizing real-time data, condition-based maintenance is predicated on certain dates and conditions set in place by the manufacturer. We can see condition-based maintenance in the HVAC area when filters are replaced.
  • Preventative Maintenance: This is the key work order for making sure that problems get fixed before they ever actually manifest. Preventative maintenance can include an inspection, a cleaning, or even the replacement of specific parts.

Cycle of Commercial Work Orders and Maintenance Repairs

A living document that is adjusted and modified as it is utilized, work orders and maintenance repairs go hand-in-hand to help keep a rental property flowing functionally and effectively. With the team at Strategic Properties Group LLC overlooking your commercial work orders and maintenance repairs, here is roughly what you should expect from the process.

  1. Created Order: A maintenance work order identifies an issue and outlines the resources required to do the job. The order is then assigned to a technician.
  2. Performance: As the work is being done by the appropriate professionals, any performance updates are attached to the document including notes regarding potential future operations.
  3. Closing the Ticket: Once the job is accomplished and the work order is complete, the ticket is closed and assigned to a place of a permanent record. Work orders that are properly stored can help to give you a snapshot of the health and vitality of your property.

After the work order has been completed and filed away, the information can be used in the future to better understand an asset’s history as well as its working conditions.

Strategic Properties Group is a family-owned business locally owned and operated out of Tampa, FL. Specializing in management, leasing, and development, we have garnered a reputation for helping our clients to build a return on their investments through touching services, expertise, and an unbeatable personal touch.

Equipped with the capabilities of a much larger firm, Strategic Properties Group is uniquely equipped to support your investing efforts, particularly when it comes to ensuring an ROI on your real estate. Priding ourselves on our skills and expertise, we can support your work through a series of important services including commercial work orders and maintenance repairs.

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