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Customer Relations

The importance of good customer relations in the real estate business can never be second-guessed. Real estate is a customer service industry, and the way you communicate and relate with your customers plays a great role in the success of your business. But most real estate investors often overlook this critical aspect, and focus only on their bottom line.


How to Create Good Customer Relations

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, or make it more profitable, you’ll need to handle your customers well. The industry is experiencing lots of competition, so you need to go an extra mile to attract new clients and retain existing ones. You can achieve this feat through good customer relations:

  • Providing prompt responses: Just about everyone needs prompt responses to their queries, whether tenants, investors or vendors. Boost relations by ensuring you respond quickly to their queries.
  • Anticipating client wishes: If you can stay ahead of your client, you could tell their wishes even before they voice them. This can help you provide quick responses to their queries. It may require you to develop sharp listening skills, and combine them with analytical knowledge to anticipate their wishes.
  • Sharing information with clients: One way to establish trust with your clients is by sharing helpful and credible information with them. You could start a blog or send out newsletters regularly to provide information about your real estate services.
  • Practicing patience: Like any other business, real estate requires lots of time to develop ideas, build trust, establish relationships, and attract new clients.
  • Develop a sharp memory: You should always be able to remember past clients or visitors to help break the ice more quickly. Most clients will likely want to do business with you if you can recognize or remember them easily.

Benefits of Good Customer Relations

Good customer relations will benefit everyone – not just investors. Investors and vendors create and maintain productive relationships with their clients, and tenants get helpful information that can help them make informed decisions about the property to rent.

Here is how good relations benefit each of the following parties:

Good Tenant Relations

They are the end-user parties in this relationship. They need property for use, whether residential or commercial. Good relations mean they better understand what is required of them, which helps establish trust. This leads to fewer misunderstandings or disagreements, which sometimes escalate into legal standoffs.

Good customer relations also help tenants find the best property, with the friendliest terms. A friendly relationship with vendors or landlords goes a long way to ensure tenants obtain the right information from their landlords about the property. It’s even easier to fix some minor issues with the property.

Customer Relations with Investors

Investors want to put their money where they’re likely to reap profits. To remain profitable and stay afloat in the highly competitive real estate market, investors need to partner with vendors that attract new clients, and maintain their existing ones. If your partners can’t find clients, your investments may go to waste.

Investors also need good relations to better understand the real estate market. To understand the prevailing trends on the market, you’ll need up-to-date information from other players and prospective clients. This may not be possible without good customer relations with investors.

Vendor Relations

If there are people who need good customer relations the most, it’s the vendors. They need to find new clients, keep up with the old ones, and improve the bottom line. Without good relations, they will find it difficult to accomplish these business goals, especially in present times replete with diminishing markets.

Vendors also need to provide their clients with regular information about the real estate market or property. Clients will get to trust them if they become a source of credible and useful knowledge that can help them get the best from the market.

You can make new clients through referrals. No customer will be willing to put in a good word for you if no good relationships exist. Vendors need to establish rapport with their current and past customers to gain this very important favor.

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