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Importance of Property Maintenance

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Property maintenance is so important! Whether your commercial property is zoned for industrial use or it’s an office building rented by tenants, it’s vitally important for you to maintain your property. By maintaining the exterior and interior, you can save yourself time, money, and more.

The best way to take care of your commercial property is to hire a reputable commercial property management company. See below, the reasons it’s important to work with a property management company to ensure that your commercial property is in good condition.

Maintain the Value of Your Property

Deferred maintenance can build up quickly. What might cost $500 to fix when it is first identified may soon cost $1,000 or even $10,000, if the problem spreads or becomes worse. In addition, projects that go uncompleted can add up fast. One project here, and another one there, and suddenly your property needs repairs in the amounts of tens of thousands of dollars.

Engaging in regular property maintenance can prevent this from happening. Ongoing maintenance includes:

  • Landscaping. Keeping up with landscaping is an important way to maintain your property’s exterior.
  • Painting, interior and exterior. Paint can start to peel, fade and bubble after a while, so it’s important to replace paint before it gets to this point.
  • General maintenance. Leaky faucets, running toilets, flickering lights – all of these maintenance problems need to be addressed as they occur.
  • Structural repairs. As buildings age, they may start to need structural repairs, resulting from problems like an aging roof, plumbing leaks and more.

Making repairs to your property as they are needed can help keep up its value. The more repairs that are needed but don’t get performed, the less your property will be worth if you ever try to sell.

Property Maintenance Attracts Customers and Clients

Poor maintenance practices are immediately visible to customers and clients, when they arrive at the property. Keeping up with maintenance is a way to attract more customers.

For this reason, it is especially important to keep up parts of your building that are most often seen by customers. The lobby, parking lot, entrance ways, and the building’s exterior tend to be very visible to clients – potential and current.

Work with a property management company that pays close attention to cosmetic problems to ensure that your property looks its best at all times. Here’s what clients respond to most:

  • Proper lighting.
  • Well-applied paint.
  • Exterior metal surfaces free of rust and corrosion.
  • Parking lot free of cracks and crumbling asphalt.

Retain the Best Staff or Employees

Staff and employees want to have confidence in their employer. An employer that takes care of its property can more easily retain good staff, thus creating a more stable work environment and a more functional company.

Employees can be sensitive to the same exterior cosmetic problems that customers are sensitive to, but they’re also deeply impacted by interior repair and maintenance problems. To keep good employees, you need to maintain:

  • A properly functioning HVAC system.
  • Toilets and plumbing functioning properly.
  • Appliances in kitchen and communal areas working as intended.

Make Your Property Suitable for Tenants

If you own an office building that has been subdivided into units for different businesses, then your business probably relies heavily on the functionality of your building. Only by maintaining your property can you retain good, reliable tenants. Each tenant will have different needs.

Knowing your tenants and their priorities can help you keep tenants for the long haul. Tenant turnover can be costly for a variety of reasons.

In addition to the lost income that occurs when a tenant moves out, there are other costs to factor into tenant turnover: administrative costs, cleaning and remodeling, and showing the property. Finding new tenants can be time-consuming! It’s much cheaper to keep up with your property and retain your tenants.

Stop Problems Before They Become Serious

If your business is constantly performing maintenance, then your business will be able to stop damage to your property before it becomes serious. Since problems like roof leaks and plumbing leaks will only do more damage and become worse as they go on, your business can nip these problems in their earliest stages.

Save on Major Repairs with Property Maintenance

On a related note, if your company is catching maintenance problems in their earliest stages, then your company can also save money on major repairs. Roof leaks are a good example of this point.

A roof leak that is caught early and repaired as soon as it’s a problem won’t have the time to cause major structural damage. If the roof leak is allowed to persist, then other problems may set in. Mold, mildew, wood rot and even pest infestation could be the result of an unrepaired roof leak. These problems can be very expensive to repair, on top of the expense to repair the roof.

Make Property Maintenance Easy with Professionals

Are you serious about maintaining your commercial property? Signing up with a reputable property maintenance company is the first step. At Strategic Properties Group, we’re serious about taking care of your property. With our years of experience and committed staff, we can help maintain your commercial property, protecting it from damage that can be caused by deferred maintenance.

To find out more about how Strategic Properties Group can help you, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a quote and a contract.