Residential Leasing & Marketing

Strategic Properties Group provides residential leasing and marketing services in the Tampa, FL area.

Residential Leasing and Marketing

Strategic Properties Group offers residential leasing and marketing services in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas. We serve real estate investors, residential property companies, and individual homeowners in the Tampa Bay area.

We understand the needs of residential property owners. When you purchased your rental property, you weren’t looking for a second job. You want passive income that enables you to focus on other aspects of your life. That’s why Strategic Properties Group offers an unprecedented suite of concierge-style services designed to make your life easier. Depending upon your custom needs, we offer the following:

Financial Reporting with Residential Leasing and Marketing

As a real estate owner, you need to know how your investment is performing at all times with residential leasing and marketing. With our monthly and annual financial reporting, you’ll always be empowered to calculate your ROI, no matter what time of year it is.

All income and expenses are carefully itemized and reported so that working with your CPA on taxes is easier than ever.

Marketing Empty Units

At Strategic Properties Group, we approach the marketing of vacant properties with a dynamic blend of online and offline strategies. We list your properties on prominent real estate websites, boosting their visibility to thousands of potential tenants. We create engaging content, including high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, to portray your property in the best light. Our robust online presence is enhanced with a strong social media strategy, helping us reach a diverse audience and engage with potential tenants directly.

We understand the importance of showings in the leasing process. Our team ensures your property is in pristine condition for every viewing, highlighting its key features and answering prospective tenants’ queries. By combining these techniques, we aim to minimize vacancy periods and ensure your properties generate steady income.

Our team ensures your property is pristine for showings and aims to minimize vacancy periods. With our understanding of the Tampa market, we attract the right tenants and maximize your investment returns.

Easy Residential Leasing and Marketing Online Tools

Another way that Strategic Properties Group saves you time is by providing online tools for your and your tenant at no additional charge to you. These include:

Online Owner Portal

This is your own private dashboard where you can view your financials, engage in communication with us, download documentation, and much more.

Online Tenant Portal

Tenants these days appreciate the value of an online portal where they can communicate with the property management company, submit maintenance requests, manage the scheduling of work orders, and more. This is actually a huge “selling” point for prospective tenants.

Online Payments

Another big selling feature for prospective tenants is having the ability to make payments online and manage their rent statements. This is yet another service that Strategic Properties Group offers our valued clients.

As an investor and property owner, your time is valuable. The last thing you want is to be disturbed by tenant nuisance calls or requests for help regarding residential leasing and marketing. Strategic Properties Group acts as a liaison between tenants and owners so that you don’t have to worry about tenants contacting you directly. We handle all tenant communication, and you only hear from us, never your tenant.

Preparing Vacated Properties for New Tenants

Ensuring a property is ready for new occupants is critical to our leasing and marketing services at Strategic Properties Group. This process begins with a detailed property inspection once the prior tenant has moved out. Our professionals conduct a thorough review, assessing the property’s condition, documenting damage, and identifying necessary repairs or maintenance needs. Critical elements such as the electrical system, plumbing, appliances, and structural components are meticulously inspected to ensure they function optimally. We aim to make the property move-in ready quickly without compromising quality.

Strategic Properties Group prides itself on ensuring every property under our care is impeccably prepared for its new occupants. A well-maintained, clean, and functional home attracts quality tenants and sets the stage for a positive and long-lasting leasing relationship. This in-depth preparation process is yet another way we strive to minimize vacancy periods and maximize returns for property owners.

Streamlined Tenant Onboarding

Once a new tenant is secured, Strategic Properties Group executes a meticulous onboarding process. This includes conducting a comprehensive background check on their credit history, employment status, income, and rental history. We then manage all the legalities of the lease agreement, carefully drafting the terms and conditions. We coordinate the move-in process, ensuring the tenant knows property features, rules, and emergency procedures. At Strategic Properties Group, we provide a seamless transition for property owners and tenants, ensuring a stress-free rental experience with minimal interruptions.

Vendor Relations

Strategic Properties Group makes it possible for you to own residential investment properties in another state, even if you don’t happen to reside in the Tampa Bay area. When a plumber is needed, we know who to call to get the job done. When a carpenter is needed, we know the best ones in town to contact. We manage all vendor relations, so you never have to worry about where the water shut off valve is located, or anything else. We’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Residential Leasing and Marketing with Strategic Properties Group

Strategic Properties Group manages and markets your real estate asset like the valuable commodity that it is. We save you time and effort and take care of the details of renting your property, including the screening process for prospective tenants. We identify those tenants who are likely to take care of your property. And we spot rental candidates who are likely to pay their rent on time as well as make sure that your rent reaches your bank account as quickly as possible.

We handle residential leasing and marketing and know the best places to advertise your property. Utilize a company that knows how to write an effective ad that will draw in prospective tenants. We can also help you to price your rental property appropriately, because we know the rental market in the area so well. We also have the knowledge to screen prospective tenants for quality.

Our support improves your chances of finding a renter, and increases your profit potential year-round by reducing vacancies. We help you retain tenants and encourage your existing quality tenants to sign multi-year leases. Having a good tenant retention policy will ensure that you have a good tenant base, and that your tenants remain happy with your property in the long term.

We help you and your CPA to take advantage of the many tax deductions you are eligible for. If you own a rental property, you are able to deduct the fees you pay for leasing and managing the property. You may also be able to claim tax credits for affordable housing programs.

If you let us know what you are looking for, we can also provide recommendations on other properties that you may be interested in investing in. Isn’t it time your life was a little easier? Contact us today to learn more about how Strategic Properties Group supports your residential leasing and marketing needs.

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