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Strategic Properties Group provides residential management and leasing services in the Tampa, FL area.

Residential management And Leasing Tampa

Statistics provided by the Department of Numbers show that roughly a third of all people who live in Tampa are renters. Further, the demand for properties for rent in and around the Tampa area has remained substantially high for a long time.

If you are looking for a way to invest money and see a substantial return on your investment or already own property you wish to rent, taking advantage of residential property management and leasing services can be an especially valuable move. You can trust the Strategic Properties Group to handle every aspect of residential management and leasing in Tampa, FL.

Services Included in Our Residential Management and Leasing TAMPA

Accounts Receivable and Payable

In any rental situation, you can have monies paid and monies owed. You may have vendors who stock vending machines at your apartment complex that you have to pay, security deposits that need to be refunded, and maintenance work orders to take care of. On the other hand, you can have money flowing in every month from your tenants. Allow our team to handle both accounts receivable and accounts payable and see much of the stress of financial efforts dissipate.

Financial Reporting

Whether you make all of your income from property rentals or just passive income, keeping tabs on the associated finances is ever-important. At Strategic Properties, we offer in-depth financial reporting for all of our clients. Our reports can include:

  • Income and Expense Statements – Gain the insight of making intelligent business moves as a property owner with access to an in-depth income and expense statement that details profits compared to costs
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Reports – Get a detailed report to show what had to be paid from company funds and what funds were brought in
  • Balance Sheets – Get a report that shows a running tally of balances from month to month, including how much was taken in with rental monies

Enlisting the help of a residential property management company means every property you own is always handled properly with scheduled and unexpected maintenance and repairs. You won’t have to handle tenant complaints, source reliable contractors, or keep track of what needs to be done and when.

Scheduling Maintenance Repairs and Handling Work Orders

Maintaining a safe and habitable structure is a responsibility that falls on the landlord, and tenants actually can break the lease and possibly file a lawsuit if a property owner does not do just that. While necessary, scheduling maintenance repairs and handling work orders can be time-consuming tasks.

Enlisting the help of a property management company means every property you own is always handled properly with scheduled and unexpected maintenance and repairs. You won't have to handle tenant complaints, source reliable contractors, or keep track of what needs to be done and when.

Free Online Tenant and Owner Portals

Handling everything in person can bring about significant challenges for both tenant and property owner. To combat some of those challenges, we offer free online portals for both tenants that rent properties we manage and the property owner. You can log in to your portal and get a look at financial statements, check in on payments collected from specific tenants, and more. Your tenants can use their portals to view lease agreements, pay their rent, and handle other pertinent objectives.

As your chosen property management team, we will handle every aspect of tenant relations from prospects to complaints. You can trust us to take care of:

  • Communicating with prospective tenants wanting to know more about the property
  • Ensuring tenants are properly notified when rent is due or past due
  • Alerting tenants when they are at risk of eviction
  • Talking to tenants when they have complaints about the property
  • Interacting with tenants as they prepare to move out and conclude their lease

Vendor Relations and Investor Relations

Allow our well-versed team of professionals to handle some of the most important communications of your business. Vendors may be everyone from HVAC technicians and plumbers to landscaping professionals. We scope out and vet these professionals, do appropriate interviews, and make sure they are given the proper contact throughout their service provisions. Likewise, if your rental property is partially funded by investors or has outside investors showing interest, we can handle those communications as well.

Leasing and Marketing

From marketing empty units to handling lease agreements and legal contracts, property owners can be tasked with quite a few tasks to keep units filled and themselves legally protected.

At Strategic Properties Group, we take care of advertising and showing your vacant properties, getting a vacated property prepared for the next tenant, and then following the necessary protocol when a new tenant moves in.


In some parts of Tampa, rental prices have experienced substantial inclines over the last few years, even doubling in some areas. No doubt, owning property that you can rent in the Tampa area can yield you an attractive investment. However, to see the most profound profits, your property must be properly managed. 

If you need help with residential property management and leasing in Tampa, FL, reach out to us at the Strategic Properties Group to discuss our services.


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